Coaching Directory

SWCC Coach Directory 2016


ECB Level 3

Steve Livermore (NCA Advanced)

Nigel Tegg

UKCC Head Coach


UKCC Club Coach

Mark Hughes

ECB Level 2

John Read, Giles Ecclestone, Andrew Mackinlay

UKCC Level 2


Ray Mordini, James Rowlandson, Joe Barrs, Kevin Duers, James Read (pending),   Steve Oakey

ECB Level 2 Young People and Adults (from 2013)

Cameron Taylor, Phil Salt , Elliott Wilson, Tony Wiseman (pending), James Legg (pending), Dan Thomas (pending)

ECB Level 1

David Barrs, Malcolm Wright, Gary Swain

UKCC Level 1

Coach Assistant

Nick Batcheler, Tom Rodda, Glyn Thomas, Peter Hill, Faith Pickering, Kevin Wendelken, Nick Patterson, Jonny Hancock, Steve Larsen, Ben Nash, Jo Borgeson, John Southgate, Tony Wiseman, Cathy Stalker, Luke Ormsby, Martyn Webb,

ECB Young Leaders

Full Award

Inc 10 hours of coaching


Coach Support Worker (from 2013)

Daniela Karsten, Jonny Brace (pending), Kiran Barve, Jon Buck

Cricket Activator course (from 2013)


ECB Young Leaders

Preliminary Award

Darren White, Steve Larsen, Chris Hancock, Jonny Hancock, Fraser Hill, Harry Picton-Turbervill, Josh Beaumont,  Ben Nash, Andy Laws, Joe Barrs

ECB Introductory Award

Patrick Glydon, David Hancock, Joe Barrs

Aspiring coaches

Please inform Academy Director if you would like to be added to this list. 

Duncan Pluck, Toby Montague,  Lisa Southgate,  Dan Thomas, Grahame Wood, Jack Ormsby,  Matt Rowlandson, Ryan Brown, Finn Karsten


Bob Crossan, Peter Hill, Arthur Coote, Paul Brown, Dan Thomas, Paul Cull


Angela Barkes, Sophie Goodwin, Chris Larlham, Richard Harrington



UKCC courses replaced ECB courses in 2005

Coach Activator courses and Level 2 up to 13 and 13+ took over in 2013

All qualified coaches have been cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau (now DBS) to work with young children

All qualified coaches from UKCC upwards have completed First Aid and Good Practice in Child Protection courses

The club meets the costs of all lead coaches becoming members of the ECB Coaches Association and the ECCB Coaches Association.  Coaches should pay the ECBCA up front and claim back from the club. The Club also contributes up to 50% of costs associated with coach education for all coaches active within the club

Level 2 coaches+ can give one2one coaching at £25 per hour for club members.

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David Barrs


Tony Wiseman

Vice Chairman

Peter Hill

Club Treasurer

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