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Managers' Handbook - Compulsory Reading!

Match Reports - templates, and where to send them

2017 Age Groups

WEDCB rules

Scorecards for Terriers League Matches

Information for visitors

Some useful Scoresheets

NEW (updated 27/05/17) - Download the  2017 Fixture Planner

Information for visitors:

Did you know we have a page of directions and local information you can share with managers of visiting teams:

Directions for other grounds in the area are here


Match Reports (updated 24/04/17)

Colette Deamer is our new Press Officer. Please send all match reports to her on and copy them to Alison for the website on . If possible, submit your reports by Tuesday so that we can try to catch the press!

The NEW template for completing reports is available HERE

The template isn't meant to be a straitjacket but to help you share the right information. If you can submit them as quickly as possible, we will do our best to get them to the local papers! Completing them soon after the match may also help when it comes to drawing together information for your end of season report.

Finally, don't make the report too long - either you won't get it published or the wrong bits will be cut out.


The revised Managers' Handbook is available HERE (word doc) or HERE (pdf file). All managers are required to read this, please.

You should note there have been quite a few changes since the last edition:

- gate access to County High (what happens Sunday mornings / midweek evenings when no Cinema).

- updated ECB helmet guidance

- updated ECB fast bowling restrictions

- added in groundsmen contact numbers & requirements (e.g. bowlers markers etc)

- updated SWCHS pavilion instructions 

- highlighted key phone numbers & e-mail addresses

Re access to SWCHS, Michele and Glyn are happy to act as keyholder so you can pick up, unlock, lock up and drop off the keys as needed. Michele is happy to train people on the locking and unlocking of the Pavilion. Please ring Michele to arrange this.

Please try and re-arrange cancelled games.  Have a look at the latest Fixture Planner and email Dave Hancock with suggested date(s). He will then confirm which date(s) are still available and reserve a date so you can get back to the opposition. Please copy Dave in on all attempts to re-arrange games so we can monitor which oppositions are most "awkward". If necessary we can involve the respective Boards.

Also, please note at the end of matches all plastic chairs are to be stacked in the Pavilion not the Clubhouse.

2017 Age Groups - this may help avoid arguments! It is club policy that children play in their age groups. This prevents too many players being moved up into higher age groups, which weakens the younger group and results in the weaker players in the higher groups not being developed properly. Obviously there has to be the possibility of flexibility, especially in the older squads, but this must be based on the decision of the coach, not the parents.

WEDCB Rules 2015

ECB Recommended Pitch lengths for junior matches here

Some useful scoresheets

You can upload some Terrier League scoresheet templates for 

- the CYCA terrier league, 15 overs a side, HERE

- the WEDCB terrier league, 16 overs a side, HERE

- another WEDCB one for 20 overs in case it's useful, HERE.


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