This is the time of year when most of the planning for the new season takes place, and we are asking if members can help us in particular ways.

We have taken the bold step of appointing a club coach.  Recently married, he is looking to settle in this area. He will arrive on 30 March and is looking for somewhere to stay, with his wife, for up to six months whilst he looks for a property.  Do you have a rental property, annexe or other appropriate accommodation?

We are also looking to secure the services of two overseas players from Australia.  They will both need accommodation.  Two rooms either in the same or separate properties would be ideal.  Can you help? One holds a British passport and would be looking for a job between April and September.

And finally, the club does have a car but if we could have access to another one this would make a real contribution to making sure these colleagues have an excellent stay whilst with us.

If you can help in any of these ways listed above please contact David Barrs, club chairman, in the first instance: [email protected] or 07760 484390.  The club does have a small budget for accommodation.

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