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Sports partnership agreement for cricket:  Saffron Walden County High School/Saffron Walden Cricket Club

Chris Edwards

Saffron Walden County High School

Audley End Road

Saffron Walden

Essex CB11 4UH

David Barrs

Saffron Walden Cricket Club

c/o Cobblers

Linton Road


Cambridge CB1 6NU

First drafted in 2002 by Chris Edwards and Olwyn Sparrow and subject to annual review


To nurture the technical, social and physical development of all local youngsters interested in cricket regardless of ethnicity, gender or ability and instil in them the ability to analyse and improve their own game

To promote above all the desire to compete within the Spirit of Cricket and instil in them a love of the game

To recognise the significant responsibility that all adults have for the welfare of young people in sport

To ensure that succeeding generations of young people in the community have these opportunities in order to ensure the sustainability of Saffron Walden Cricket Club and other local clubs

To support the Saffron Walden County High School in competing at the highest levels

Core Principles

Both parties will adopt proper Child Welfare procedures and equity policies

Teachers and coaches will be guided by the principles of long term athlete development

School and club will encourage all young cricketers to play at the highest level at which they continue to enjoy the game

Both parties will exchange information on activities and ensure fixtures are co-ordinated so that clashes are avoided as far as possible.

Saffron Walden Cricket Club

Will provide competitive cricket for all age groups and for girls as well as boys

Will provide access to coach education courses for all interested adults

Will provide guidance and support to members relating to injury management, fitness, diet and careers in cricket

Will provide group coaching in the winter and during the summer and also provide one2one coaching opportunities

Will make its facilities and equipment available to the school as appropriate

Will support the school Sports Hub status

Appoint a Schools’ Officer who will be a point of contact for local schools and channel news and resources through to schools from the ECB

Will make coaches available to the school as and when the opportunities arise

To keep the school informed of developments at the club and within the Academy

Will recruit and coach young cricketers in primary schools and support their development as they progress to secondary school

To provide advice to the school on coaching or any other developments emanating from the Governing Body, on request.

Assist with work experience placements of appropriate and encourage young payers to become qualified coaches at the age of 16 and beyond

Encourage all members to represent their school if selected

Be aware of examination pressures as part of the club selection policy

Saffron Walden County High School

Will enable the club to use school facilities subject to availability and cost

To ensure that all children are introduced to cricket and that they know how to contact the club

Maintain contact with Club

Consider club fixtures when arranging matches

Recommend players to the club

Instil the values of fair play and ensure that the Spirit of Cricket law is understood

Advise on fitness, health and careers in relation to competitive sport