The Raja award scheme for outstanding achievement

We announced in February 2022 that, after five years of very generous sponsorship, our arrangement with Rajapack had drawn to a close.  We are enormously grateful for their generosity. The relationship has given us our “Raja” award scheme, which replaced our involvement with the Jack Petchey award scheme.

We ran the scheme through 2022, and are running it again through 2023.

This is how it works: a Raja is awarded for every century, 3 catches and 5 wickets in a single match in senior cricket from u16 upwards. In women’s matches, Rajas are also awarded for 30 runs in each of two matches, or 3 wickets or 3 catches. Rajas are awarded for each 50 runs, each 5fer and each set of 3 catches in junior T20 cricket, and similarly for every 30, 3 wickets and 2 catches in girls’ and Crocus cricket.  In junior T20 matches played with a “retire after 30 runs” rule, then a Raja award goes to players getting 30 runs in each of two matches, or for 3 wickets.

PlayerTeam DateAchievement
Tom Bonham2nd XI vs Godmanchester Town29 Apr108 runs
Jonny RumsbyU15s vs Downham Stow15 May52 runs
Tom MotsonU13s vs Wenden16 May3 wickets
India CassonU13 Girls vs Wanstead & Snaresbrook18 May31 runs
Barnaby SindellU11s vs City of Cambridge18 May3 wickets
Wilfy WyattU11s vs City of Cambridge18 May3 wickets
Finn Karsten1st XI vs Great Witchingham20 May140 runs
Nick Hoyle4th XI vs Linton Village20 May112 runs
Ariana WilsonU13 Girls vs Hitchin21 May2 catches
Ben Harris1st XI vs Bury St Edmunds27 May6 wickets
Brynn Mendel2nd XI vs Burwell & Exning27 May109 runs
Umar IbrahimU13s vs Bishops Stortford28 May4 wickets
Jonny RumsbyU15s vs High Roding29 May63 runs
Charlie HoyleU15s vs High Roding29 May64 runs
Alexi Demetriou-FoaleU15s vs City of Cambridge2 Jun50 runs
Ashleigh Cox1st XI vs Witham3 Jun5 wickets
Jonny Brace3rd XI vs Buntingford3 Jun128 runs
Cillian HarrisonU12 Brian Taylor Squad vs Upminster4 Jun85 runs
Harry SilverwoodU12 Brian Taylor Squad vs Upminster 4 Jun98 runs
Kirin NavapurkarU13s vs Thriplow, U13s vs Little Shelford25 May, 8 Jun30 + 30 runs
Pepe MordiniU11s vs Stansted Hall8 Jun3 wickets
Walter Forsey3rd XI vs Buntingford10 Jun111 runs
Ariana WilsonU13 Girls vs Bishops Stortford12 Jun33 runs
Oliver Rae1st XI vs Frinton on Sea17 Jun7 wickets
Tom Price4th XI vs Little Shelford17 Jun111 runs
Harry SilverwoodU12 Brian Taylor Squad vs Bishops Stortford18 Jun140 runs
Jack HillU12 Brian Taylor Squad vs Bishops Stortford 18 Jun73 runs
Raff BurlinghamU13s vs Hockerill18 Jun3 wickets
Bertie ClarkU13s vs Burwell22 Jun3 wickets
Lewis WarwickU13s vs Wenden23 Jun3 wickets
Bobbie ThurstonU13s vs Wenden9 Jun, 23 Jun30 + 35 runs
Cillian HarrisonU12 Brian Taylor Squad vs Gt Baddow25 Jun107 runs
Evie BorgesonWomen vs Haverhill, Women vs City of Cambridge28 May, 25 Jun30 + 30 runs
Jonny RumsbyU15s vs Cambridge St Giles26 Jun52 runs
Alexi Demetriou-FoaleU15s vs Cambridge St Giles 26 Jun52 runs
Harry SilverwoodU13s vs Sawston, U13s vs Burwell15 Jun, 29 Jun36 + 30 runs
Jamie IrvingU11s vs Cambridge St Giles, U11s vs Thriplow24 May, 30 Jun30 + 33 runs
Henry Rodda2nd XI vs Godmanchester Town1 Jul5 wickets
Martin WhitemoreU11s vs High Roding2 Jul3 wickets
Jake NottonU11s vs Stansted Hall, U11s vs Little Shelford28 Jun, 7 Jul28 + 32 runs
Ashleigh Cox1st XI vs Mildenhall8 Jul8 wickets
Emmy BrownWomen vs Haverhill, Women vs City of Cambridge28 May, 13 Jul30 + 32 runs
Henry Rodda2nd XI vs Stamford Town15 Jul7 wickets
Charlie Hoyle4th XI vs Abington15 Jul110 runs
Alexandra Dupont-ShortWomen vs Felixstowe & Corinthians20 Jul5 wickets
Jack HillU13s vs Royston20 Jul3 wickets
Ethan David TostevinU13s vs Hockerill, U13s vs Sawston18 Jun, 27 Jul30 + 30 runs
Barney HoyleU13s vs Cambridge St Giles28 Jul3 wickets
Arthur Jones3rd XI vs March Town29 Jul6 wickets
Adam Whitehead3rd XI vs March Town29 Jul108 runs
Xander Silverwood3rd XI vs Madingley12 Aug5 wickets
Felix Serby3rd XI vs Cambridge St Giles19 Aug122 runs
Jonny BraceMidweek XI vs Wenden23 Aug127 runs
Thomas Baldwin2nd XI vs Ufford Park26 Aug5 wickets
Jonny Rumsby2nd XI vs Ufford Park26 Aug3 catches

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