In 2017, SWCC are launching an intra-club Fantasy Cricket Competition. This is based on individual and team stats from last year. Each player that played senior cricket for SWCC in 2016 has been given a value based on their statistics. The aim of the competition is to pick a team of 11 players from any of the 5 men’s Saturday XIs who you think are going to combine to score you the highest number of points. The competition will cost £5 to enter a team and the winning ‘Manager’ will collect a percentage of the overall pot, with some money being dedicated to the Net Floodlight Appeal. There is also a 2nd aspect to the competition where for an additional £5 you can bet on who you think the team of the year will be in 2017 – this bet returns £10.

  • See “Everything you need to know” guide for rules, 2016 stats and 2017 values

  • Complete a team entry form and submit along with £5 (or £10 if going for a team bet) either to Joe Barrs, or to the Fantasy Cricket box on the left side of the bar in the clubhouse

  • Deadline for team submissions is Friday 5th May

  • It is important to highlight that we will be using PlayCricket for all player statistics, therefore we rely on accurate scorecards and statistics on this database. There are mistakes from 2016, however these will be ironed out during the course of 2017

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