Sport in the town has had to respond to the challenges of the pandemic just as individuals, families, schools and businesses have.  We are now faced with our summer sports gearing up for a return after 29 March at the same time as our winter sports are looking to make up for lost time.  The town is fortunate indeed to have so many clubs providing for boys and girls, men and women, able and disabled alike.  The senior officers of the town’s major clubs have agreed a plan in order to minimise overlap, maximise opportunities and agree a protocol where there are clashes.  In simple terms the key principles are;

  1. The clubs will co-ordinate to minimise clashes
  2. where clashes are unavoidable the child (or indeed, the adult) should choose and not be placed under any pressure to make a decision one way or another.
  3. The clubs will consider in relation to each individual whether or not a participant might attend one week with one sport and the next week another sport or other appropriate solutions to ensure the child is not disadvantaged.
  4. Families are encouraged to liaise with the clubs involved to discuss their plans so that non-attendance, for instance, is not regarded as lack of interest.   

You can read the document HERE

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